All bowls are served with tortillas.


Vegetable soup filled with meatballs; traditional Mexican soup.

Bowl – 7.5 · Cup – 4


Chicken or pork in broth with hominy, cabbage, onions, red chilies, cilantro and lime – 8.5

Chicken Tortilla

Vegetable soup filled with shredded chicken, topped with tortilla strips.

Bowl – 7.5 · Cup – 4


Tio’s Taco Salad

Choose from seasoned ground beef, shredded beef or shredded chicken, pinto beans, lettuce, cheddar jack, avocado, tomatoes and black olives in a crispy flour tortilla shell – 13.5

Caesar Wedge Salad

Avocado cilantro Caesar dressing, parmesan cheese and seasoned tortilla strips – 12.5

Add: Shrimp + 4.5 · Pollo Asado + 3.5

Macademia Nut Crusted Goat Cheese Salad

Arcadian lettuce mix with goat cheese medallions,heirloom tomatoes, candied pecans and blood orange shallot vinaigrette – 12.5